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  • Advanced ECU Remapping

    We offer powerful ECU Remapping for most vehicles: Launch Control Pops and Bangs No Lift Shift Throttle Response DSG Tuning Anti Lag ....and more

  • ECU Recovery and Cloning

    We offer advanced bench flashing on most ecu's IMMO OFF - DSG cloning - ECU cloning - ECU recovery.

  • Injector Reconditioning Services

    Using the latest technology and machinery backed by years of experience we offer Petrol and Diesel Injector Reconditioning and Testing.

  • DPF, EGR, Swirl Flaps Removal

    We offer deleting of most Errors that arise from things such as DPF removal, EGR, Swirl Flaps etc. We also offer Diesel Tuning on most makes.

  • Performance Intake Systems

    We use high quality materials to produce all our Induction kits. All our intakes have been tested on the dyno as well as road logs and yield gains anywhere from 10KW on-wards.

New Products

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Fuel Booster

Up to +8 RON

Man. in Germany

Haldex Fluid


Latest Videos!

Mk7 Gti Vortex intake

Audi S3 MED9.1.5 Bricked ECU repair

2.0TFSI Vortex intake

Audi S3 8V Vortex intake

Audi S3 or MK7 indicator phase shift



Vortex Performance




  • Haldex Oil Service
  • DSG Oil Service
  • DSG Re-Calibration
  • Advanced ECU and DSG tuning.
  • VW and Audi - MQB DSG stage 2 and Stage 3 calibrations available
  • BMW Fxx series Tuned via obd, no ECU removal required
  • Immo Off
  • Diagnostics
  • We have a simple principle, Power, Quality, Reliability, Up to date with Technology
  • drop me a mail or whatsapp for a friendly chat if you need more info.
  • Our prices are already very competitive on top of which we can offer a bundled package cheaper.



Golf 7 Gti, 7R, S3 HpFp upgrade kits Available!



Vortex HPFP Upgrade Kits



Xtreme-Flow Intakes


G5, G6, G7









Petrol and Diesel Injector Reconditioning

(New seals, filters, ultrasonic cleaning, lubricating and pattern and flow balance checking)




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